PortBin ShoreCleaner

PortBin ShoreCleaner vacuum unit characteristics:

•Very mobile
•Possible to : wheel and carry.
•High airflow
•4 m 100 PUR hose as standard
•24' wheelchair wheel, easy to clip on/off
•3,2 kW 4 stroke Sthil engine /fan
•Spring start
•Container 60 liter
•Level control
•LxBxH 130x70x160 cm (140 without wheels)
•50 kg complete, empty without gasoline

The clues are: no filter, effctive cyclone, fan that can stand some paricles, portable, high airflow, light hose and tools, driven by a powerful 4 stroke Stihl engine.

PortBin ShoreCleaner Sifter separator unit characteristics:

•Possible to: wheel and carry.
•3 different fractions separated by size standard:  <Ø3-Ø8<
•Alternatives mesh sizes optional
•1 18V Makita battery standard
•230V AC or other DC voltage optional
•LxBxH 112x70140

For an info flyer ShoreCleaner click HERE 

For an info flyer rubber version HERE

PortBin ShoreCleaner is a prototype project for cleaning up marine waste and oil/sorbent mix at shorelines.

Shorecleaner M 5 small
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PortBin ShoreCleaner sifted
PortBin ShoreCleaner Moss 2020-11 b
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PortBin ShoreCleaner medium
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PortBin ShoreCleaner sifted 2
PortBin ShoreCleaner Moss 2020-11 f
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PortBin ShoreCleaner medium 2
Fiskeri-og havminister Bjørnar Skjæran-PortBin
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Shorecleaner M 2 small
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PortBin ShoreCleaner